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Front Row (left to right)
Kate Huntington
Christine Donahue
Kelly-Ann Vaccaro
Marissa Bertram

Middle Row
Tara Ogozaly
Danielle Long
Charlene Carpenter

Back Row
Mary Sooy (Captain)
Sarah Bianco (Captain)
Janice Gillespie
Kayla Ault



Senior Captain Mary Sooy named 2008-2009 Cheerleading MVP


Cheerleading Q &A:

How Do You Become a Cheerleader at Mansfield University?
        Participate in tryouts (at least 1/3 practices and judging); receive a score of at least 85/100.

Do you have to have previous cheerleading experience?
         Previous experience is neither required nor considered.

Are there any academic or athletic requirements for becoming a cheerleader?
         Academic Requirements -- 2.0 QPA must be maintained
         Athletic Requirements -- none; gymnastics is not required
         Financial Requirements -- individuals must purchase accessories for uniform; must fund-raise

In addition to cheering at basketball and football games, what other events do the cheerleaders appear at?

          Homecoming pep rally and parade
          Mountie Madness
          Alumni Tent performances
          Other performances as requested
          We do NOT participate in competitions

How often do Cheerleaders practice?
           2-3 times a week;   2 hours / practice -- dependent upon class schedules

Contact information
          Advisors:  Dr. Robert and Yvonne Maris
          Phone:  570-662-4537 (office)

Robert C. Maris, Ph.D.
Cheerleading Advisor

(570)662-4537 (office)
(570)662-4107 (fax) (e-mail)