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2006 Faculty-Student Basketball Game

Faculty Downs Students 69-64



Close contests were the norm this winter for basketball games held in Decker Gymnasium. Numerous men's and women's games were decided by a few points, or decided in the final minute of play. That tradition continued Thursday, April 7th, at the Mansfield University Faculty-Student Basketball Game.


The Student Government Association and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosted this years match-up between faculty and students to raise money for both organizations, and to provide the University community with an entertaining event on campus.


Students had the opportunity to sign up to play the game and nearly 20 students participated. The students ranged from freshman to seniors, men to women, and Mansfield University student-athletes to non-athletes.


Mansfield University soccer player Robyn Travisano, a member of both SGA and SAAC, was one of the leading organizers of the event. "We wanted to make our fundraiser something that the University would benefit from and I think we accomplished that task by hosting an event like this," said Travisano.


The cost of admission was $2.00 for everyone, but that two dollars also got you pizza, Arby's sandwiches, subs, cookies, and soda, as well as a chance to win multiple door prizes throughout the evening.


One student attendee said, "I really don't think $2.00 was that much to get into an event like this, especially since it covers our food."


Over 200 students and faculty members were on hand to enjoy the game, and they would not be let down as it was a close one.


There was a somber mood on the faculty bench before the game as professors and coaches were certainly intimidated by their younger opponents. Dr. Madigan of the Sociology department said, "I just hope we don't get beat too bad."


Dr. Madigan was in for a shock.


The game was played in four - eight minute quarters to provide ample opportunities for subbing, assuring everyone would get to play regardless of talent.


The faculty jumped out to an early lead before the students roared back to take the lead 19-16 after the first quarter. The faculty looked to be in trouble at the start of the second quarter as the student team went on a 12-0 run to increase the lead to 28-16. Mansfield University Athletics Trainer Brian Oakes ended the faculty scoring drought on an old fashioned three point play drawing the foul on his way to the hoop. Even after Oakes efforts, the faculty trailed 32-24 at the half.


After an inspired pep talk from student coach Femi Ogundele, the faculty quickly closed the gap to within five points before both teams went on a scoreless streak. With just over 4:00 to play in the third, football assistant coach Eddie Brown knocked down a free throw to bring the faculty to within four points at 38-34.


Solid defense held the students without a basket on each of their next possessions giving Lee Bostic of Admissions the chance to bring the game closer as he converted from the lane pulling the faculty to within two. Head women's basketball coach Ruth Hermansen dazzled the crowd with a reverse layup to tie the score at 38-38 with just under three minutes to play in the third.


Bostic made his presence felt again as he drained a three to give the faculty their first lead since the early stages of the first quarter. The ever resilient students would fight back however, taking a 49-44 lead going into the fourth quarter.


The lead shifted back and forth between the teams until the faculty team unleashed a deadly threat: the 3-pointer. Coach Brown hit a three with just under 4:00 to play in the game to put the faculty up 55-54 before assistant men's basketball coach Jason Mattern took control of the game. Mattern connected on three consecutive three's on each of the faculty's next three possessions to maintain a 64-61 lead with just over 1:00 to play.


The students were forced to foul with under a minute to play but the faculty refused to miss. Bostic connected on a free throw before Oakes snuck through the defense for the nail in the coffin layup with only 20 seconds to go. Mattern would add to his game-high scoring total with two more free throws in the final 10 seconds to secure the win for the faculty.


After the game, high-scorer coach Mattern said, "This was a great time. I think there should be more activities like this to bring students and faculty together."


Mattern's was not alone in his views as many other faculty agree. Soccer coach Tim Dempsey said, "This was a really good time. Not only is it nice to get a chance to interact with students, but it's nice for us to get a chance to interact with other faculty that we don't get to see that often.


"Overall the event was a big success. I think it far exceeded our expectations. Hopefully if we continue to do activities like this, the student and faculty participation will increase, as well as the spectator support," said Travisano when asked how the event went.


You can bet that there will be more activities like this in the future, as the response from both faculty and students was extremely positive. SAAC and SGA will meet soon to discuss the possibilities of alternative contests, as many faculty members expressed an interest in playing volleyball. Perhaps a faculty-student volleyball tournament in the making?


"Bring on the student volleyball team," said Dr. Madigan. That sounds like a challenge to me.



Faculty Participants


- Dr. Murphy, Music Professor

- Dr. Keller, Dean of Faculty

- Dr. Madigan, Sociology Professor

- Dr. Thornsley, Criminal Justice Professor

- Coach Hermansen, Women's Basketball

- Coach Bruce, Women's Basketball

- Coach Mattern, Men's Basketball

- Coach Dempsey, Soccer

- Coach Monkiewicz, Field Hockey

- Coach Augustin, Football

- Coach Brown, Football

- Coach Eden, Football

- Lee Bostic, Assistant Director - Admissions

- Brian Oakes, Athletic Training

- Mr. Rotella, Volunteer Field Hockey Assistant Coach





- Dr. Shari Clarke, Vice President of Student Affairs - Student Team Coach

- Femi Ogundele - Faculty Team Coach





- Carlos Collazo, men's basketball

- Kevin Hill, men's basketball

- Sam Kreger, men's basketball assistant





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