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Head Trainer

Laurie Zaparzynski

Assistant Trainer

Brian Oakes


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Athletic Training Facilities and Equipment


The Athletic Training Staff uses a variety of resources to effectively serve the Athletics Department at Mansfield. Within Decker Gymnasium, the location of all Coaches and Athletic Administration, the Athletic Trainers have their own training room.


This training room is home to two large whirlpools that can accommodate both hot and cold types of treatment. A giant ice machine produces more ice than will ever be used in a day, and "to go" bags are available for athletes who cannot stay in the training room for the duration of their icing procedures.

There are seven benches in the training room, three of which are located directly next to the three state of the art ultrasound machines .


The training room has a multitude of stretch bands used in range of motion exercises, along with multiple stability and balance stations.


The training room also houses a stepping machine and a stationary bike.


Along with the training room in Decker Gymnasium, the Athletic Training staff uses the newly renovated weight room facility. The weight room has been expanded by 700 square feet and brand new flooring has been laid. New machines and a completely new dumbbell rack have also been added.


When the athletic trainers are not in the training room or the weight room, you can be sure to find them either in the field house training room, located at Van Norman Field, or at any of their on-site training facilities. The training room at the field house offers all the therapy and treatment options as the training room in Decker, but is more conveniently located for home competitions and for practices.


There are in-game training facilities at the softball field, baseball field, football field, track, field hockey field, soccer field, and basketball gymnasium.