Game Highs and Lows

Game-by-Game Highs

THE STAT CREW SYSTEM MANSFIELD UNIVERSITY Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 01, 2003) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at WV State College 11-22-02 72-78 L 24-BUSS, Allyson 11-RIEDER, Rache 8-MOSLEY, Lynel 2-MOSLEY, Lynel 2-TAGLIAFERRI, TAGLIAFERRI, BUSS, Allyson at WVU-TECH 11-23-02 59-60 L 23-TAGLIAFERRI, 9-RIEDER, Rache 7-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-PURNELL, Dann 2-RIEDER, Rache at Lock Haven University 11/26/02 58-49 W 21-TAGLIAFERRI, 9-TAGLIAFERRI, 5-RIESER, Steph 7-PURNELL, Dann 2-RIEDER, Rache MOUNT 11-30-02 67-56 W 27-TAGLIAFERRI, 10-TAGLIAFERRI, 6-BUSS, Allyson 5-BUSS, Allyson None MOSLEY, Lynel HOUGHTON 12-03-02 68-61 W 14-BUSS, Allyson 5-PFEIFFER, Jes 6-PURNELL, Dann 4-PURNELL, Dann 3-RIEDER, Rache LOCK HAVEN UNIVERSITY 12/6/02 60-63 L 20-TAGLIAFERRI, 8-TAGLIAFERRI, 7-PURNELL, Dann 2-PURNELL, Dann 1-KATSOFF, Nico RIESER, Steph TAGLIAFERRI, LYCOW 12-18-02 62-46 W 19-MOSLEY, Lynel 9-PURNELL, Dann 7-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-PURNELL, Dann 3-RIEDER, Rache MOSLEY, Lynel at Slippery Rock 12/21/02 54-62 L 12-MOSLEY, Lynel 8-RIESER, Steph 6-RIESER, Steph 3-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIEDER, Rache at California Univ of PA 12/22/02 61-92 L 22-MOSLEY, Lynel 4-PURNELL, Dann 3-MOSLEY, Lynel 2-RIESER, Steph 1-RIEDER, Rache PFEIFFER, Jes MOSLEY, Lynel EDNBORO 1-04-03 93-82 W 22-PFEIFFER, Jes 10-PURNELL, Dann 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 4-MOSLEY, Lynel 1-RIEDER, Rache MOSLEY, Lynel BUSS, Allyson CLARION 1-05-03 80-83 OL 31-MOSLEY, Lynel 11-RIEDER, Rache 6-MOSLEY, Lynel 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 2-RIEDER, Rache at IUP 1-11-03 58-87 L 12-MOSLEY, Lynel 4-PAINTING, Jam 4-MOSLEY, Lynel 2-BUSS, Allyson 1-RIEDER, Rache PFEIFFER, Jes RIESER, Steph RIESER, Steph at Shippensburg 01/12/03 68-85 L 18-BUSS, Allyson 7-RIEDER, Rache 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 1-RIEDER, Rache GIBBONS, Maur at Kutztown 01-15-03 59-68 L 20-BUSS, Allyson 8-RIEDER, Rache 6-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIESER, Steph 2-RIEDER, Rache GIBBONS, Maur MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY 1/18/03 40-67 L 8-MOSLEY, Lynel 8-PURNELL, Dann 3-PURNELL, Dann 4-PURNELL, Dann 2-PURNELL, Dann BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY 1-23-03 76-86 L 17-MOSLEY, Lynel 8-RIESER, Steph 4-PURNELL, Dann 5-PURNELL, Dann 1-RIESER, Steph BUSS, Allyson RIEDER, Rache RIEDER, Rache CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY 1/25/03 66-62 W 14-MOSLEY, Lynel 21-RIEDER, Rache 5-RIESER, Steph 1-MOSLEY, Lynel 5-RIEDER, Rache PURNELL, Dann BUSS, Allyson at Mt. Aloysius 1-28-03 85-73 W 17-MOSLEY, Lynel 8-RIEDER, Rache 7-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIESER, Steph 1-BUSS, Allyson BUSS, Allyson at West Chester Universit 2/1/03 73-84 L 18-BUSS, Allyson 7-PFEIFFER, Jes 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 4-MOSLEY, Lynel 1-PFEIFFER, Jes MOSLEY, Lynel at East Stroudsburg Unive 02-05-03 67-58 W 18-PFEIFFER, Jes 13-RIEDER, Rache 3-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIESER, Steph 6-RIEDER, Rache at Millersville 2/8/03 61-76 L 15-MOSLEY, Lynel 9-PFEIFFER, Jes 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIEDER, Rache KUTZ-W 02/12/03 74-60 W 16-BUSS, Allyson 13-RIEDER, Rache 7-PURNELL, Dann 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 2-RIEDER, Rache at Cheyney University 2/15/03 66-63 W 23-MOSLEY, Lynel 11-RIESER, Steph 6-PURNELL, Dann 2-PURNELL, Dann 3-RIEDER, Rache at Bloomsburg University 02/19/03 88-94 OL 21-MOSLEY, Lynel 10-RIEDER, Rache 4-RIEDER, Rache 7-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIEDER, Rache RIESER, Steph MOSLEY, Lynel EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVERSI 2-26-02 74-55 W 17-RIESER, Steph 10-PFEIFFER, Jes 5-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-MOSLEY, Lynel 1-RIEDER, Rache PFEIFFER, Jes PLANK, Tiffan WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY 3-01-03 63-73 L 23-BUSS, Allyson 9-RIEDER, Rache 7-MOSLEY, Lynel 3-RIESER, Steph 2-RIEDER, Rache