Mansfield University
All-PSAC Selections

07-08 Alicia Espigh 2nd team
06-07 Jessica Uhrich 1st team Athlete of the Year
05-06 Alison Tagliaferri 1st team Athlete of the Year
  Jessica Uhrich 1st team
2004-05 Alison Tagliaferri 1st team
2003-04 Alison Tagliaferri 1st team
2002-03 Lynelle Mosley 1st team
  Dana Purnell Rookie of the Year
2001-02 Alison Tagliaferri 1st team-Rookie of the Year
  Lyelle Mosley 2nd team
1999-00 Jennifer Nichols 2nd team
1995-96 Becky Dutko 2nd team
1994-95 Kathy Murphy 2nd team
1993-94 Beth Guiliani 1st team
1992-93 Kathy Murphy 1st team
1991-92 Glenda Oswald 2nd team
  Karen Blumer 2nd team
1990-91 Beth Guilani 2nd team-Rookie of the Year
  Glenda Oswald 2nd team
1989-90 Denise Pitcher 2nd team
1988-89 Tina Craig  
1987-88 Lisa Sherman  
  Sondra Tracy  
1985-86 Paula Olesky  
1984-85 Paula Olesky  
1983-84 Donna Kukura  




*Note: It wasn't until the 1989-90 season that there were 1st and 2nd team
All-PSAC selections.



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