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Men's Basketball Staff Thanks 50-50 Members

The Mansfield University men’s basketball program along with head coach, Rich Miller, would like to thank the following alumni, friends , and family of Mansfield Basketball for their support of our 2009 “50 at 50” Campaign.  The Campaign was a record success for us this year and we greatly appreciate everyone’s generosity.










Crossroads Bed and Breakfast

Gregory J. Anna

Anthony and Tish Fiamingo

Harry Moulton

Penny-Saver, Inc.

Ronald C. Weaver

Lee Felsburg

Frances Slabonick

Paul Spitler

Ken Strohm

Ken Bianchi

Jim Bogaczyk

Charles Boinske

Ray Cole

Brian Fox

Al Hershey

John Hoerner

Robert J. Leslie

Lil’ Half Pint

Francis and Gloria McFall

Michael Neff

John Novak

Barney Osevala

Jon Peterson

Charles W. Reed

Robert D. Strohecker

Jim and Christina Treacy

Tom Best

Robert Brisiel

Tyrone Burtner

William Clark

Michael Cosgrove

Terry Crouthamel

Dave Darby

Gary B. Enderle

Leslie D. Evans

Ginn and Vickery, P.C.

Henry Goodman

Bud Hulser

Dave Kurzejewski

Reggie Lang

Roberts R. Martin

C. Richard Miller

Garth E. Mortimer

James Oakes

Joseph B. Russell

William W. Sandler

Harry D. Skelton

Charles F. Smith

Dwight C. Swimley

Lewis G. VanGorder

Chris Vaughn

Barry Wilson

Martin T. Thomas-Brumme


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