Mansfield University
All-PSAC Selections

2008 Abe Yeakel 1st team
  Ryan Giblin 1st team
  Irv Slighter 1st team
  Matt Young 2nd team
  Chris Miller 2nd team
2007 Ryan Wyland 1st team / 2nd team P /Athlete of the Year
  Ryan Giblin 2nd team
  Eric Rosenberger 2nd team
2006 Colby Rickabaugh 1st team
  Ryan Wyland 1st team
  Ryan Giblin 2nd team
  Scott Erickson 2nd team
  Matt Allegretto 2nd team
2005 D.J. Hoshauer 1st team
  Eric Baker 1st team-Athlete of the Year
  Brett Shockloss 1st team
  Colby Rickabaugh 1st team
  Travis Wurster 2nd team
  Adam Lorson 2nd team
  Kane Stein 2nd team
2004 Eric Baker 1st team
  Matt Mills 1st team
  Josh Rearick 1st team
  Jeff Papi 1st team
  Marty Rakaczewski 1st team
  D.J. Hoshauer 2nd team
  Brandon Brokaw 2nd team
2003 Brett Brown 2nd team
  Dan Yoder 2nd team-Rookie of the Year
2002 Eddie Frame 1st team
  Chris Hafich 1st team
  Jason Manwarning 1st team
  Greg Martin 1st team
  Brett Brown 2nd team
  Travis Wurster 2nd team
2001 Matt Edwards 1st team
  R.J. Lee 1st team
  Doug Evans 2nd team
  Bill Allen 2nd team
2000 Chris Hafich 1st team
  Adam Lewis 2nd team
  Scott Costa 2nd team
  Matt Edwards 2nd team
1999 Kris Kann 1st team
  Chris McGee 1st team
  Chad Swogger 1st team
  Rod Lee 2nd team
1998 Adam Lewis 1st team
  Scott Wilcox 1st team
  A.J. Hoenstine 2nd team
  Chris McGee 2nd team
  Chris Zallie 2nd team
1997 Greg Robertson 1st team
  A.J. Hoenstine 1st team
  Mark Munkkittrick 1st team
  Scott Wilcox 1st team
  Mike Marconi 2nd team
  Joe Skelly 2nd team
1996 Greg Robertson 1st team
  Duke Neatrour 1st team
  Scott Wilcox 1st team
  Tim Watkins 1st team
  Chris Zallie 1st team
  Matt Butler 1st team
  Mike Resetar 2nd team
  Joe Skelly 2nd team
1995 Tom McCauley 1st team
  Greg Robertson 1st team
  Pete Peters 1st team
  Dave Shepard 1st team
  John Michael Cook 1st team-Athlete of the Year
  Mike Cacciotti 2nd team
1994 Tom McCauley  
  Duke Neatrour  
  Mike Myers  
  Pete Peters  
  Earl Wallace  
1993 Tony Galucy  
  John Michael Cook  
  Mike Myers  
  Tim Fausnaught  
  Earl Wallace  
  Steve Micknich Pitcher of the Year
1992 Tony Galucy  
  Tim Fenton  
  Al Probst  
  Tim Fausnaught  
  Andy McNab  
  Steve Micknich  
  Jim Beck  
  Mike Felix Rookie of the Year
1991 Tim Fenton  
  Tim Fausnaught  
  Al Probst  
1990 Kenny Yeich  
  Mark Powell  
  Jerry Waldron  
1989 Shawn May  
  Jerry Waldron  
1988 Steve Murphy  
  Todd Mostoller Pitcher of the Year
  Sean May  
1987 Scott Jeffery Pitcher of the Year
  Pete Cook  
  Tom Royal  































































*Note: 1995 was the first year the PSAC had 1st and 2nd team honors.